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Britannia Superior Swing Orchestra - New Year's Day Concert

Britannia's own swing band, returns to the stage on New Year's Day. Let's get 2022 started the way we mean to go on!

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New Year's Day Concert with Britannia Superior Swing Orchestra

Palmehaven, 1st January 2022 - 1st January 2022

On Saturday 1st January we celebrate the arrival of the new year with Britannia Superior Swing Orchestra in Palmehaven. Our house orchestra is headed by the popular and talented singers Are Hembre and Mari Haugen Smistad, backed up by several of Trondheim's most experienced jazz and swing musicians. This is the place to be when we start the year the way we mean to go on!

Britannia Superior Swing Orchestra (BSSO) returns to stage in Palmehaven on 1st January 2022, to get the new year off to a bang.

Since opening in 1918, Palmehaven has always presented high quality live music for its guests. Throughout history, several major artists have appeared in the atmospheric and iconic room, under the star-studded ceiling, in amongst the palms. Today's Britannia is continuing this tradition and, in collaboration with Dora3, has established the Britannia Superior Swing Orchestra (BSSO).

Saturday 1st January 2022, 7pm

The band is fronted by Are Hembre and Mari Haugen Smistad, together with Jan Magne and Helge Førde on horns, playing alongside some of Trondheim's most experienced jazz and swing musicians. New Year's Day falls on a Saturday this year and with this feature on Britannia's Culture Calendar becoming somewhat of a tradition, this is one concert you will want to go the extra mile for!

In 1918, when Palmehaven opened, Louis Armstrong got his first gig with King Oliver's orchestra in New Orleans. The repertoire of BSSO will therefore have roots in the ragtime and swing era from 1918-1950. During this period, many of the greatest jazz and swing classics were created by artists such as Bessie Smith, Scott Joplin, Ella Fitzgerald and Frank Sinatra. BSSO also intends to ​​include some of today's popular music in their acoustic soundscape.

The concert is an extension of Britannia Hotel's Artist In Residence series, where famous artists move into the hotel and host a series of performances, mini residencies, à la Las Vegas. The intimate concerts have limited tickets, ensuring an experience where the audience are close and personal with the artist(s) themselves.

Britannia Superior Swing Orchestra are also performing during our New Year's Eve celebrations, read more below.

The ticket price includes an aperitif on arrival and you can choose between a luxurious three-course meal or shellfish platter with dessert.

New Year's Day Menu
Scallops from Hitra, lobster soup, avruga and sea buckthorn
Reindeer from Stensaas, king oyster mushrooms, rosette cabbage, cranberries and stone mushroom sauce
Profiteroles aux craquelin, lemon and fluffy cream cheese and raspberry sorbet

Important Information

If you would like to sit with guests who have purchased tickets separately, please contact us directly to make arrangements. If there are any allergies to be taken into account in relation to the menu, please inform us and we will provide a specially-customised menu. All information is sent to:

Doors to Palmehaven open at 7pm. If you would like to arrive earlier, we ask you kindly to reserve a table in either Britannia Bar or Vinbaren. You are also welcome to use our conference lobby as a waiting area. The wardrobe is found on the basement level, accessed through the lobby.

For the complete experience, you make accommodation at the hotel, with a five-star breakfast and entrance to our spa & fitness included in the price. Find your hotel room here.

Published 23rd September 2021

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