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Speilsalen open for Champagne Lunch on Fridays

New for August 2022: our Michelin-starred restaurant now open for lunch on Fridays.

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Following the success of Champagne Lunches on Saturday, Speilsalen is now extending the daytime to concept to include Fridays. From 12:30pm onwards, guests are invited to enjoy a four-course seafood-based menu, celebrating the wonderful ingredients found along the Trøndersk shoreline.

As the name suggest, lunch begins with a good glass of bubbly, setting the scene for a gastronomic masterclass from Britannia's Michelin-starred restaurant.

Britannia Hotel Director, Mikael Forselius, speaking in Speilsalen.

"We want to give even more people the opportunity to experience Speilsalen," reveals Hotel Director, Mikael Forselius. "Our Champagne Lunches on Saturdays have been a great success and now we are opening on Fridays, so our guests can start the weekend with bubbles and a great four-course meal."

"Friday lunches are also great for our business guests who would like to treat customers and colleagues. You won't find many better lunches than Christopher Davidsen's, so it's a special way to conclude a board meeting or a successful week."

Published 1st August 2022

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