Use of cookies and other measuring tools

We use cookies (also called cookies) to make it easier to use our web pages and personalize certain parts of the content. A cookie is a small information pack that is placed on our computer when we browse the web. Some cookies are very practical, such as those who leave a code that tells us that we use Norwegian language and the next time we visit the same website we will get the page in Norwegian. Others map out in detail what pages we visit, how long we are there and what we do.

What information is used

Cookies used are statistics and collection of user activities.


Allow the system to recognize fixed readers in order to customize the services.

Calculate and report numbers of users and traffic.

Make it easier for you to navigate the site.

Build segments and audiences for marketing purposes and target ads.

Reduce ads that are irrelevant to certain audiences.

Develop and improve your website by understanding how it is used.

Who uses the information

Britannia Hotel AS and their affiliates. Your information is not sold to 3rd party.

Why do I get this warning?