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What to do in Trondheim? Britannia Hotel is a vibrant hotel and a cultural attraction, follow our weekly line-up of events ranging from intimate live concerts, art exhibition or food and drink event at our many restaurants and bars.

  • Are Hembre 17th & 18th July in Palmehaven

    Palmehaven, 17th July 2020 19:30 - 18th July 2020 23:30

    In Palmehaven this 17th and 18th July, Are Hembre will taking up residency. You can experience a fantastic evening of shows tunes, film music and classical gems, accompanied by the best of Britannia food, drink and service.

    • Torstein Flakne 24th and 25th July in Palmehaven

      Palmehaven, 24th July 2020 16:30 - 25th July 2020 19:00

      On the 24th and 25th July Torstein Flakne takes up residency at Britannia Hotel as one of our Artists In Residence in Palmehaven. A fantastic opportunity to see a rock legend play acoustically, accompanied by great food and drink.

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  • Eva Weel Skram 31st July & 1st August in Palmehaven

    Palmehaven, 31st July 2020 19:30 - 1st August 2020 23:30

    This summer you can experience Eva Weel Skram in the idealic setting of Palmehaven, as part of Britannia's Artist In Residence series.

  • Ingrid Bjørnov 7th & 8th August in Palmehaven (few tickets)

    Palmehaven, 7th August 2020 19:30 - 8th August 2020 23:30

    This August (6th to the 8th) Ingrid Bjørnov is moving in to Britannia Hotel, as one of Britannia's Artists In Residence. This is a fantastic opportunity to experience a talented musician in a beautiful setting, accompanied by excellent food and drink, and waited on by Palmehaven's dedicated staff.

  • Herborg Kråkevik 14th & 15th August in Palmehaven

    Palmehaven, 14th August 2020 19:30 - 15th August 2020 23:30

    This August (14th to 15th) Herborg Kråkevik moves into the Britannia Hotel, to take up residency as one of our summer artists performing in Palmehaven. Norway's 'Cultural Queen' will performing over two nights, bringing the season's cultural programme to a close. The evening includes an aperitif on arrival and a great plateau of world-class Trøndelag shellfish.

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