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What to do in Trondheim? Britannia Hotel is a vibrant hotel and a cultural attraction, follow our weekly line-up of events ranging from intimate live concerts, art exhibition or food and drink event at our many restaurants and bars.

  • Morten Abel at Britannia 25. September SOLD OUT

    Palmehaven, 25th September 2020 19:30

    On 25th September, you can experience Morten Abel in Britannia Hall as our Artist in Residence. Two-course meal in Palmehaven followed by a very special one-off concert in Britannia Hall. Overnight packages available.

    • Ingrid Bjørnov 9 and 10 October *SOLD OUT*

      Palmehaven, 9th October 2020 19:00 - 10th October 2020 23:30

      This October, Ingrid Bjørnov will host a new series of concerts in Palmehaven, as part of Britannia's Artist In Residence. Following three sold out shows in August, this is your chance to see the talented soloist perform again, in the beautiful settings of the hotel's palm court. This time round the concert is accompanied by a luxurious three-course meal, with discounted overnight packages also available.

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  • Halvdan Sivertsen 23 and 24 October *SOLD OUT*

    Palmehaven, 23rd October 2020 19:00 - 24th October 2020 23:30

    This October Halvdan Sivertsen takes up residence as Britannia Hotel as the latest in our 'Artist In Residence' series of concerts in Palmehaven. A national treasure who has a lot of music to perform, and a lot of stories to tell, up close and personal in this iconic setting. Ticket includes three-course meal. Discounted overnight packages also available.

  • Sissel Kyrkjebø 6th, 7th and 8th November *SOLD OUT*

    Palmehaven, 6th November 2020 19:00 - 8th November 2020 19:30

    An undoubted highlight of Britannia Hotel's Artist In Residence series in Palmehaven, as one of Norway's most loved musicians takes to the stage. A fantastic opportunity to experience Sissel's music and stories, up close and personal, with ticket price including food and welcome drink. Sunday matinée and discounted overnight packages also available.

  • Bettan & Bjarne 17., 18., 19., 25. & 26 November

    Palmehaven, 17th November 2020 - 26th November 2020

    Two of Norway's most beloved artists move in as part of our Christmas Artists In Residence series of concerts. Elisabeth "Bettan" Andreassen & Bjarne Brøndbo will perform several midweek concerts, with a luxurious three-course Christmas dinner in Palmehaven. Overnight packages also available.

  • Stephen Brandt-Hansen 1., 2. & 3. December

    Palmehaven, 1st December 2020 - 3rd December 2020

    As part of our Christmas Artists In Residence series of concerts, Stephen Brandt-Hansen brings his his splendid singing voice, distinctive interpretations and rich musical range to Palmehaven. An intimate, cosy concert, accompanied by aperitif on arrival and a luxurious three-course Christmas dinner in Palmehaven, with overnight packages also available, this is sure to be a new Christmas tradition.

  • Maria Mena 8. & 9. December

    Palmehaven, 8th December 2020 - 11th December 2020

    This December, the wonderful Maria Mena will be our Artist In Residence in Palmehaven. It will be an atmospheric and beautiful concert that ensures the Christmas atmosphere, with three-course meal and aperitif on arrival. Overnight packages available.

  • Kåre Conradi in Palmehaven 15th 16th and 17th December

    Palmehaven, 15th December 2020 - 17th December 2020

    Kåre Conradi is the next in our Christmas Artist In Residence series. He will bring a true festive atmosphere to Palmehaven, with both Norwegian and American Christmas songs to see in the holiday season in style.

  • Britannia Superior Swing Orchestra 26th & 30th December

    Palmehaven, 26th December 2020 19:00 - 30th December 2020 23:30

    BSSO is fronted by Are Hembre and Mari Haugen Smistad, together with Jan Magne and Helge Førde on horns, playing alongside some of Trondheim's most experienced jazz and swing musicians. A Britannia exclusive.

  • New Years Eve at Britannia

    Palmehaven, 31st December 2020 19:00 - 1st January 2021 00:30

    A new concept for a new year: the full package this New Year's Eve at Britannia Hotel, including overnight. Book now to avoid disappointment.

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