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Nye Hjorten Teater Peter Pan - Stargate to Neverland

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In less than a year, the Nye Hjorten Teater, a brand-new privately-owned folk theater, will open in the heart of Trondheim. The visionary behind this initiative is Ole Robert Reitan, who has long dreamed of creating a new folk theater in his childhood city. His passionate and compelling vision quickly gained traction and support.

Peter Pan – Stargate to Neverland" will premiere at the New Hjorten Theatre on January 15, 2025. This musical by Bones, Havdal, and Løseth is loosely based on J.M. Barrie's work.

"We have long wanted to play with the Peter Pan universe, and all the universal and existential symbolism that belongs to the story: the rites of passage, the big dreams, and the rebellion against the established norms of adult life. When we realized the richness in Stargate's song catalog, and how well these two universes fit together, we had no doubts for a second: this had to be turned into a performance."

Theater director Mads Bones

Nye Hjorten Teater will open its doors to its magnificent building with "Peter Pan - Stargate to Neverland" - a newly written version of the fairy tale by Bones/Havdal/Løseth, featuring music from Stargate's smash-hit universe.