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Riedel glassmaking with Liora Levi

For the first time ever we are hosting a Riedel wine glass course in Trondheim.

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Riedel glass and wine tasting with Liora Levi

Britannia Hall, 29th July 2021 18:00 - 29th July 2021 19:15

With sommelier Liora Levi, you will have the opportunity to test four wines in four different glasses from the Riedel Performance series. And what's more, the glasses you use you get to take home and keep!

Liora Levi at Britannia

For the first time ever we are hosting a Riedel wine glass course in Trondheim. With sommelier Liora Levi, four wines in four different stemware from the Performance series, hosted by Liora Levi. And what's more, the glasses you use you get to take home and keep!

Liora Levi will explain the importance of the right glasses. Together with her, you get to test four different wines matched perfectly to the legendary stemware from Riedel's glass series Performance. Through this tasting session you will learn that when it comes to wine tasting, a glass is not just glass, and a specially designed glass can drastically improve the drinking experience. 

The course lasts 1 hour, you get to taste four wines and the glasses used you get to take home to share and own. Guide price Riedel Performance tasting set is NOK 1,538

Britannia Hall, Thursday 29th July 6pm.

Liora Levi at Britannia

The Riedel family has been in the glass industry for 11 generations and is constantly developing new grape-specific wine glasses. The glasses have been prepared in collaboration with experts and winemakers to achieve a result that presents different wines to their fullest potential.

Liora Levi at Britannia