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Britannia Hotel - A House of Celebration!

Britannia Hotel hosted House of Celebration on Sunday 3rd of November. If you missed the event get in touch to plan a personal visit and see how we can facilitate your next big life event.

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House of Celebration

Palmehaven, 3rd November 2019 13:00 - 3rd November 2019 17:00

An open house event with free entry. Explore the Britannia world, see how different concepts can be set up and combined for your next big life event, and indulge in an extra special seating of Afternoon Tea, with a one-off tailor-made menu and live fashion show.

Britannia Hall, captured by Gerhardsen & Karlsen during Hilde Reitan's birthday celebration. Where would you host your dream event?

The new Britannia is a House of Celebration – a large and diverse restaurant house, a multilayered venue which embraces every season, hosts every occasion and facilitates every dream

On Sunday 3rd November we welcomed the public to visit and experience the full expanse of what Britannia has to offer.

Whether you are planning a wedding, celebrating a birthday, organizing a christening, corporate party or a social gathering with your friends, Britannia has everything you need to elevate your event to the next level.

Palmehaven is Britannia's iconic banquet hall. It can be set up in many different combinations, including this engaging circular stage in the centre of the room, perfect for an interactive entertainment evening. Photo: Gerhardsen & Karlsen

House of Celebration

Here are some of the areas we explored on the day:

  • Open House: we opened our doors so that people got to know the hotel and all its unique possibilities 
  • Meet the party planners: the people behind your even, who tailor the venue to meet (and exceed) your expectations
  • Britannia Florists: Gretha and Wenche, Britannia’s very own in-house florists, demonstrated their flower power
  • Tiers of joy: our prize-winning pastry chef Cathrine presented some of her finest creations and offered the tastiest of tasters
  • Wine expertise: Vinbaren manager Thomas welcomed visitors down into his cellar to explore the Britannia collection, taste some tapas and plan their next pairings.
  • Special Sunday Afternoon Tea: there was also a special seating of the ever-popular Afternoon Tea in Palmehaven, with a unique Open House menu and a fashion show presented by Carma and Høyer
Bok now to enjoy a specially-created Afternoon Tea on 3 November, with Champagne and fashion show in Palmehaven. Photo: Lars Petter Pettersen.

Britannia Hotel has a 150 year history of hosting special occasions, including Parisian fashion shows in Palmehaven, which would have visitors queueing around the block for the chance to get a peek at the latest cloths from London and Paris. Our Afternoon Tea on 3 November was in homage to these great events, in partnership with Carma and Høyer. 

This special serving of Afternoon Tea came with a drink and fashion show, hosted by Høyer and Carma! Get inspiration for your festive season glad rags. Photo: Gerhardsen & Karlsen.