Bocuse d`Or winner to open restaurant at Britannia

After several years as a competitive chef at the highest level, being noted in the league of the world’s top chefs, Christopher Davidsen steps up to open his first restaurant in Speilsalen at Britannia Hotel.
14. February 2018

Christopher Davidsen was awarded silver in Bocuse d’Or in Lyon in January 2017, following his previous successes of silver in Bocuse d’Europe and gold in the Global Chef World Cup. Now, Davidsen’s food will have a new home at Britannia Hotel, with the ambition to create one of Scandinavia’s finest restaurants.

Davidsen’s appointment is part of Britannia Hotel’s extensive renovation, the largest hospitality refurbishment ever undertaken in Scandinavia. Since opening in 1870 Britannia has been the site of the most prominent events and celebrations in Trondheim. In 2019 the hotel will once again be the place for celebrations and special occasions; reopening as a classical-modern, internationally-inspired five-star hotel and house of restaurants.

Christopher Davidsen will begin his work at Britannia from 1st May 2018. Focusing his talent on the prestigious redevelopment of Speilsalen. Speilsalen has remained Trondheim’s most beautiful venue since its opening in 1870. A grand dining hall, lined with mirrors, have reflected distinguished celebrations for over a century.

Like the rest of the hotel, with careful preservation of its esteemed heritage, Speilsalen will be given new life. The plan is to establish this exquisite dining environment as a top restaurant under Davidsen’s leadership, attracting a new food and drink interested guests to the hotel. Speilsalen will be one of Britannia’s six restaurants and bistros.

Davidsen will spend the next year developing the concept and forming the vision of Speilsalen, visiting the worlds finest restaurants and drawing on local inspiration.

“I am looking forward to catching up with a new chapter in my career and to start the journey developing Speilsalen at Britannia Hotel to become a top restaurant in Norway. I take with me invaluable experience from the Bocuse d`Or and the competitive environment I have been part of in recent years, using this as an inspiration to create something utterly unique in Speilsalen. I look forward to meeting and hearing feedback from new guests every evening, I will be continually working on my menu to create my own food universe within the historical framework of Speilsalen.” Christopher Davidsen

“Christopher Davidsen is exactly the person we’ve been looking for when we are going to establish Britannia’s prestigious restaurant in Speilsalen. We have found a star chef with big ambitions, a chef who has proven that he can cook world-class and who also has one local anchoring to Trondheim and knowledge of the amazing ingredients we have in the region. I am convinced that Christopher will succeed in making Speilsalen a contemporary temple of gastronomic delights.“ CEO Mikael Forselius

Bocuse d'Or

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