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Elemis Biotec facials at Britannia Spa

Britannia Spa is now offering Elemis Biotec facials: individually tailored treatments to help boost your skin's glow.

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elemis biotec treatment at Britannia spa
Treat yourself to a facial at Britannia Spa. Our Elemis Biotec facial treatments combine therapeutic analysis with advanced technology, botanical serums and massage.

The changeable weather can be harsh on the skin. Along with the stresses of everyday life, your complexion can show the strain of the conditions. At Britannia Spa we offer a solution in the form of a high-tech facial treatment, which rejuvenates skin, and restores a youthful glow.

The Biotec machines functions can be fine tuned to tackle your individual needs, including assisting collagen production and/or tackling spot-causing bacteria. 

Elemis Biotec facials treatments combine expert therapeutic analysis with futuristic technology. After examining your skin, we select botanical serums which tackle your individual concerns; anti-aging, lifting and firming, resurfacing, dullness, anti-blemish, sensitive, dehydration, and brightening. 

The futuristic machine has variety of tools. The treatment is not intrusive and is a relaxing experience.

The treatment then combines facial massage with a variety of machine functions, to produce an experience and result which cannot be replicated with home products. The therapist has a range of tools to use, including an ultrasonic peel, with an impurity-removing spatula vibrating 27,000 times a second. This draws out impurities, increases circulation and stimulates collagen production, leaving recipients feeling firmer and strengthened. 

Elemis biotec facial treatment man Britannia Spa
Britannia Spa has a range of treatments for both man and woman. The Biotec facials are adapted to each guest's individual needs.

If your skin is dehydrated (a common issue in dry, cold weather conditions), the therapist will utilise a presurised oxygen fan to blast deep into tired skin, leaving you feeling cleanses and energised. LED Light therapy is also be adapted to assist collagen production and/or tackling spot-causing bacteria. 

Pool at Britannia Spa
Entrance to the spa's pools and saunas is included with purchase of a treatment. A tranquil place to unwind in the centre of the city.

Despite the array of technology on display, Elemis Biotec facials treatments are a soothing and relaxing experience. The results are instantly experienced and the products are designed to boost cell production, so you will continue to feel fresh and rejuvenated long after leaving the spa. 

Expert Manicure and Pedicure at Britannia Spa
Britannia Spa also offers a full range of expert treatments, including manicures and pedicures, massages and waxing. Combine your Biotec facial with another treatment and enjoy a thoroughly relaxing, indulgent day.

Elemis products are also available from the shop located in Britannia Spa reception, where you will receive advice form our expert therapeutists so your skin can continue to flourish.