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Britannia Hotel's commitment to a sustainable future

Britannia Hotel has recently been accredited by Miljøfyrtårn, an organisation which helps companies achieve green transformation, part of the hotel's sustainable mission.

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At Britannia Hotel we have been serving the residents of Trondheim and their international guests ever since 1870.

This historical perspective underpins our dedication to sustainable activities. We are making changes today so that we can continue to do the work we love tomorrow, for another 150 years, and beyond.

  • The hotel was fully renovated in 2019 to Passivhaus standard.
  • All rooms and common areas fitted with modern energy saving technology.
  • Policy to manage and reduce paper and food waste.
  • New fully-electric waste management company engaged from start of 2022.
  • Strong support for local food movement, with many local collaborations.
  • Have established kitchen garden and produce many of our own products.
  • Fleet of cars includes two electric vehicles, with plans for more and facilities for guests to charge their cars.
  • Cycling programme for employees introduced.
The hotel was fully refurbished, following a three year renovation (2016-2019). Today's building is equipped to modern environmental standards.

Passivhaus, proactive house

In 2019, the hotel re-opened following a three-year, head-to-toe renovation. The newly presented building has been constructed to Passivhaus standard, which means we use just 25% of the typical energy consumption used by existing building stock. During the renovations, we took careful attention to the hotel’s sustainability credentials, ensuring the refurbishments had minimal impact on the environment and maximum longevity. 

Trondheim and Britannia Hotel are nestled in-between mountains, rives and the fjord. Nature is never far way and protecting the environment is a mission close to the hotel's heart. Photo courtesy of: Mykola Ksenofontov | Visit Trondheim

Living Close to Nature 

Never before has the obligation to be environmentally friendly been as acute as it is today. We have a duty to use and replenish our planet’s resources in a manner which protects future generations against climate change and environmental degradation. Britannia Hotel is located in the beautiful pristine environment of mid-Norway, with unspoilt nature on its doorstep. So, this challenge is close to our hearts.

Sustainability means more economical use of our resources, which in the fullness of time is better for both the economy and the environment. This sustainability comes at a cost, and that cost for the hotel is to constantly reassess our performance and make changes. These changes will also create a better environment for our guests and employees, support local stakeholders, safeguard against uncontrolled urban growth and provide a blueprint for a greener future.


Britannia Hotel is certified by Miljøfyrtårn, an organisation which helps companies achieve green transformation by working purposefully to improve their environmental performance in the areas of working environment, waste management, energy use, purchasing and transport. 

Working Environment

Britannia Hotel has signed a contract with Hjem Jobb Hjem which will change employees' transport habits to and from work, by promoting and supporting more walking and cycling, and use of public transport. 

The hotel has a strong focus on a good working environment and aims to keep sickness absence below 3%. 

Britannia Academy, a training programme to bring all new employees up to speed on our philosophy, is mandatory for all employees.

Britannia has recently signed a contact with Elskedeby, who will handle all of the hotel's waste from 2022, using exclusively electric vehicles. Photo: Elsedeby

Waste Management

Britannia Hotel has signed a contract with Elskedeby for waste management from 2022 onwards. Elskedeby uses exclusively electric vehicles and will collect and sort waste from the hotel on a daily basis, reducing the noise pollution and any unwanted smells. 

The hotel has had a policy of carefully monitoring food waste since reopening in 2019. Activities include our award-winning, à la carte breakfast, which mean guests order the food they want, rather than wasteful daily buffets (see ‘purchasing’ below for more info).

We also have a goal to reduce the use of writing paper by 30% and reduce paper waste by 10% in 2022.

Recycling is practiced across the hotel and we have set ourselves the challenge to increase guest participation in the rooms by introducing new bins which will have different compartments, to encourage sorting of waste by our guests.

Britannia is a luxury hotel of five star standard, which means the rooms are equipped with higher quality fittings and modern technology. These are long-lasting materials and solutions, which have greater durability and will not need to changed for many years

Energy Use

Britannia Hotel’s CO² footprint was down 26% from 2019 to 2020. There were significant savings because of changes to waste management and transport (see below), but also because of covid related circumstances. Our goal for 2022 is to continue the trend of CO² reduction year-on-year.

The recently renovated hotel has been constructed to Passivhaus standard, which means we use just 25% of the typical energy consumption used by existing building stock. Throughout the rennovation process we have used long-lasting materials such as marble and ‘whole wood’; quality products which can stand up to the wear and tear of hospitality and will not have to be replaced for many years. 

The ‘new’ hotel also boast the implementation of technological advancements such as a temperature controls in all the rooms and smart lighting, to ensure minimal waste of energy. 

In 2022 we target a further 5% reduction in energy consumption. 

Water management is also a focus of the hotel's sustainability ethic, and we will improve our performance in 2022 with automatic shut off in all guest showers. As of today we have automatic shut-off in all common areas and employed areas on our sinks.

Britannia Hotel's Executive Head Chef, Espen Aunaas, visiting local herb supplier Tree Viken, in Frosta.

Products and purchasing

The modern Britannia Hotel champions the use of local, organic products wherever possible. We have several collaborations with local suppliers and have also established our own kitchen garden on the outskirts of town.

The hotel harvests its own honey from beehives on the roof of the hotel.

All of Britannia Hotel’s restaurant concepts have a strong focus on local food and reducing food waste, and our bars have committed to being free from plastic straws. 

We set ourselves the goal of creating a five-star hotel breakfast, where quality trumps quantity. The result is a sustainable breakfast, where only the best ingredients and products are selected and presented on an elegant and delicious buffet. In addition, we have compiled an exciting à la carte menu, with classic and modern dishes.

Øivind Tiller, Breakfast Head Chef
Britannia's fully electric London Black Cab is the flagbearer for the hotel's fleet. There are plans to add further electric vehicles in 2022.


Britannia Hotel has now established an Oslo branch of its sales force, in order to minimize travel.

Norway is the country which is leading the way globally in Electric Vehicle usage. 60% of all new cars sold in Norway last year were entirely electric-powered and the country is investing heavily in infrastructure to stop the sale of fossil fueled cars by 2025. Britannia Hotel’s signature London Black Cab, which is often found parked outside the front of the hotel, is 100% electric powered, and there are plans to add more electric vehicles to the hotel’s fleet.

We have six regular electrical charge points in our secure underground carpark for guests’ use. 

The hotel also offers a range of bikes and electric scooters for guests to use during their stay.

In 2022 the hotel intends to reduce staff travel by a further 30%, through use of Teams and Skype and home office where possible.

There is a wide range of nature in the near vicinity to the hotel, including wild nature and arable land.

Miljøfyrtårn accreditation demonstrates Britannia Hotel’s proactivity in several of the UN's sustainability goals. The project encompasses nearly 8,000 companies nationwide and is the first national scheme in Europe to be recognised by the EU.

Engagement in Miljøfyrtårn has helped us to identify which our practices are sustainable and where we need to focus our efforts going forward. 

All text and photos by Wil Lee-Wright (unless otherwise specified).