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A whisper of ancient grandeur

In Speilsalen you will eat exquisite food against a backdrop of ancient grandeur, with echoes of Europe's proud cultural and gastronomic history.

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In Speilsalen you will hear how words are almost whispered inside you, your thoughts roaming against the backdrop of ancient grandeur, echoes of Europe's proud cultural and gastronomic history. A classic dining room where your eyes dance over details from floor to ceiling.

Stories hang on every wall and the chandeliers mirror their stars in the polished glass. Impressions are many but never intrusive, as you sink into your chair and let your everyday worries slip away. Sublime without being sombre, perfection without the pretentious, and above all else, an irresistible focus on Good Taste.

Black and White photo of Henrik Dahl Jahnsen, Sommelier at Speilsalen. restaurant
Henrik Dahl Jahnsen, Speilsalen Sommelier. Photo Wil Lee-Wright

Speilsalen looks forward to treating its guests. They have created a dynamic young team of passionate professionals. Their goal is simple: to create memorable experiences. “It is not about us and them. This is not primarily a job, but a genuine desire to deliver the best we can do. A hunger, rooted deep within us, driving us forward every single day in pursuit of the ultimate food and drink experience,” expresses Henrik Dahl Jahnsen, Speilsalen sommelier and four-time Norwegian wine champion.

“It is not work when your job is to stage a showcase of the best, local raw ingredients, in perfect harmony with the rest of the world’s produce. When our doors open, the curtain goes up and the show can begin.”

Christopher Davidsen, Speilsalen Head Chef, in the restaurant in Britannia Hotel
Photo by Fredrik Ringe

Henrik and his colleagues have faith in their convictions and are not easily swayed. However, they are not married to a particular style or kitchen doctrine, they are not limited by narrow focus and they refuse to adhere to the idea that the most famous label is always the best.

Love what you do and take pleasure in the opportunity to please other people. A philosophy to live by. Humility too. Perfection is not necessarily the goal. Culinary perfection will always be in the mouth of the beholder and therefore can never be achieved. The best experiences have imperfections, genuine features which cannot be polished. 

What Speilsalen can promise, however, is that every bite and every element has a thought behind it. That every moment is built from the ground up, from the burning desire to deliver passion and excite the visitor. Speilsalen is a room: filled with positivity, commitment and pride. Speilsalen is Good Taste: clean, modern and balanced flavours. Speilsalen is an experience: real, honest and unique.