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Opening Hours:

Tuesday-Satuday: 17:00-23:00

(Kitchen closes 22:00)


24th March - 2nd April: Closed

Jonathan Grill

A steak house with international flair

Jonathan Grill in Trondheim is the first restaurant in Norway with signature Japanese table grills, smoke-free, where you can cook your own meat, fish, seafood and vegetables. Dry-aged cuts of the finest meat and game. Norwegian seafood and hand caught shellfish, alongside the freshest local vegetables. All expertly prepared and delivered to the table, accompanied by signature sauces and sides.

Alternatively, diners can choose to eat in the steakhouse side of the restaurant, where our chefs take on the grilling and preparing everything from Japanese Wagyu beef to local scallops. Sit back and enjoy the making of memories.

Steakhouse with an international flair

Britannia Hotel has always been a house of international influences, but never has this blend been as apparent as on the sizzling grills of this newly appointed basement restaurant.

There are two sides to the restaurant: the à la carte offering, which specialises in the choicest cuts selected from the extensive dry-aging refrigerator; and the grill table side, a unique dining experience where guests can grill their own food.

See the blackboard for the daily specials, with fresh meat and fish options. The specials are available on both sides of the restaurant: if you're sat at the grill table, your selection will be prepared for the table-top grills and accompanied by a range of sides. If you are sat at the à la carte side, your selection will be grilled to your preference by the chefs in the kitchen.

Family dining at grill tables in Jonathan Grill

Jonathan Grill

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Choose between the excitement of the grill tables, where you can grill you own incredible ingredients, alongside our signature sides and accompaniments, or sit in our enigmatic à la carte restaurant, where you can choose the finest cuts, prepared by our award-winning grill team.

  • Jonathan Steakhouse

    Robust and flavourful
    Let our chefs do the cooking. Sit back and enjoy the making of memories.
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  • Jonathan Grill Table

    Exciting and informal
    An informal, exciting dining experience, on our signature tabletop grills.
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